Terms and Conditions

  1. Cyclists from the age of 18 are allowed to participate at their own discretion. Persons younger than 18 years need parental permission to take part. In this case, the responsibility lies with the person granting parental permission.
  2. We recommend a medical examination
  3. By activating the race number the participant accepts the following terms and conditions
    • personal data and race results are saved and processed by IT
    • personal name, age group, place of residence and team name will be posted on the finisher’s list online
    • the organiser, or any person authorized by the organiser, has the right to take photos and videos including recordings for television of all participants. These recordings can be used without any restrictions at any point in time
  4. The organiser cannot take responsibility for anything caused by an uncontrollable event, such as
    • damages to the installation
    • personal injury or personal damage, including damage/injuries done to third parties
    • potential costs arising through salvage
    • other incidents (such as weather, traffic situations etc.)
  5. Participants must follow the local traffic rules
  6. You are requested to wear a helmet. Your sports gear must be roadworthy, in accordance with the road traffic act
  7. The organiser takes no responsibility in regard to third party offers (advertisement, advertising partners, web links)
  8. Deceptors will be except from the competion and deleted from the finisher’s list if their cheating can be proven.